Tennis programmes

Tennis at Herne Bay Ponsonby Rackets offers you options for playing the game no matter what ability level you are at, with lots of organised coach-led group activities that make it easy to get on court and have a hit.

How do I get started?

The first thing to do is show up at club night (Thursdays from 6.30pm to 8pm). Our tennis coaching team run a board and will get you out on court with someone of similar ability. Afterwards you can join us for a refreshing beverage on the deck. Thursday club night is always a good first step to getting introduced to other players, and there's usually always someone who can show you around the club.

If you have any questions before turning up, please contact  (09) 376 0681 or email

How do I get more involved?

Drill sessions

The next step is to get on court for some of our coach-led group drill sessions. These are weekly hour-long coach-fed fast-paced group sessions, with a focus on sharpening core skills and a bit of competitive hitting involved. There are options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced, with time slots on Monday to Wednesday evenings and weekend mornings. Contact (09) 376 0681 or email for more info. The drill sessions are one of the easiest ways for members to hit with each other at our club, and they're an easy way to schedule an hour (or more) of regular hitting each week with a group of people at your ability level.

One-on-one coaching

Once you've found out where your weaknesses are from the drill sessions, the next step is to try and fix them with some one-on-one private coaching lessons. These are a great investment if you're looking to get more out of your tennis and can give you the tools to improve your game.

Contact our head coach David Mustard direct on 021 476606 for more info.

Social and competitive tournaments

Every month we hold several social and competitive tournaments that run on the weekends. Enter these for a great opportunity to play regular competitive tennis with your fellow club players. Different events offer different levels of competition, from our regular social fun-focused Grand Slam-themed events through to the more competitive DnA and team comps. Info on these events and how to enter them is available via the regular newsletters.

For more info contact  (09) 376 0681 or email


Once you've got the bug you'll be wanting to test yourself competiviely against players from other clubs, and we have teams of regulars entered into both the summer and winter interclub competitions. Players of all abilities play interclub, and we have teams from entry level through to advanced that play Saturday afternoons over summer and Sunday mornings in winter. If you would like to know more about how to join an interclub team, please contact  (09) 376 0681 or email

When's the best time to book a court to play casually?

The short answer is weekdays when most people are at work. But if you're stuck in the same boat don't fret - the floodlights kick in at dusk and stay on till 10 every night (except Sunday).

Before coming over, you might want to check the court booking system to make sure there's a court free. Better still make a booking. There will usually be a court free for casual game play unless we're hosting interclub or a tournament, in which case you'll see it in the court booking system.

Can I bring a mate who's not a member?

Sure, as long as you play them outside peak hours (4pm - 8pm) and remember to pay the visitor's fee. After three visits you should probably start dropping a few hints about them becoming a member too.

Visitor's fees

Fill in one of the visitor's fee envelopes outside the club office, stick in $10 per person (max $20 per court) for every hour played, then leave it with the barman or slip it under the door of the club office - or you can pay via EFTPOS if the bar's open.

Junior programmes

Our head pro David Mustard also runs a full range of junior programmes:

  • DaveDuring terms 1 and 4 there's club night every Thursday from 4pm to 6pm
  • After-school group coaching for beginner to intermediate level
  • Interclub - options for Saturday or Sunday mornings over summer
  • Social tournaments and competitive events
  • Private and group lessons
  • School holiday programmes


Is professional coaching really worth it?

Definitely! Even if you're not aiming to join the pro circuit, a few lessons can help eliminate those constant unforced errors that can drive you round the bend.

Lessons with our resident tennis professional, David Mustard, can be organised by contacting David on 021 476 606 or by sending him an email or visiting his website.

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