Congratulations to our New Executive for 2017:

President:                     Arie Dekker

Secretary:                     Dianna Perron

Treasurer:                     Kylie McCracken

Squash VP:                   Emma Winstanley

Tennis VP:                     Simon Holloway

Facilities Manager:        Brendan Taylor


Please feel free to make yourself known. A number of initiatives are being discussed and we will advise as soon as possible.

Flooding in and around the Building!


Please note the signage around the building. Unfortunately the drains could not cope with the heavy rain at the weekend and we have have had a number of issues to deal with.

We are currently going through a claim process to address the issues at hand.

Please take note:  Squash court one and Emergency Exit doors are to available for use until we can dry them out.  The External doors are swollen - so please do not ignore the notice.

The Gym received substantial flooding and is currently under going "drying out" with blowers. The blowers need to remain on over night - so please do not turn off the mains switch.

Update on club Champs

Hello HBPRC Tennis Club Champs entrants

We have recalculated the dates games need to be finished by as per the below.

We still have a lot to get through and many 1st round games are still yet to be played. Please ensure you organise your games ASAP. Any games not played by the due dates will be organised and set without consultation!

2nd April B Finals:
B Mixed: Round 1 by 19 March, Semifinals by 01 April
B Women Doubles: Round 1 by 19 March, Semifinals by 01 April
B Men Doubles: Round 2 by 19 March, Semifinals by 01 April
B Men Single: Round 1 by 13 March, Round 2 by 24 March, Senifinals by 01 April

26th March Open Finals:
Open Mixed: Round 1 by 11 March, Round 2 by 18 March, Semifinals by 25 March
Men's Doubles: Semifinals by 25 March
Women's Singles: Round 1 by 15 March, Semifinals by 25th March
Men's Singles: Round 1 by 15 March, Semifinals by 25th March

Updated draws with the latest results per the below


Bar Volunteer - we still need your HELP!

We are still looking to fill a number of nights during the month . The commitment is only one night per month and if you pair up with someone it's only every second month!

If you cant committ to a date how about going on the volunteer list?   We may call on you from time to time to see if you can help out?

This is a great way to 'do your part' for the Club like so many others have before you. If we don't have volunteers the bar is un-manned and this can be a problem when we have visiting teams and events on at the Club, not to mention thirsty members who need a drink!

No experience necessary and all training is provided and a few free drinks while you're there! Contact Jacqui in the office if interested. 

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