20th Birthday Celebration & Xmas Party

Saturday night saw our annual club Christmas Party and 20th Year Anniversary combined, and what a fantastic turnout we had! Probably the largest member crowd since 2009, which hopefully is an indication that the vibe within the club is very positive right now.

Some guest speakers entertained the crowd, including Dennis Wright (the architect of the current building) who gave us some insight into what happened 20 years ago.

A great night was had by all, and thank you to those who attended as it is a busy time of year with many events on. A big thanks goes out to Jacqui Mustard & Sharyn Francis for spending many hours in preparing the event and getting the lounge ready on the day. Also a big thanks to long time supporter and life member Pat Milliner for baking the cake and rounding up some of the old crew, and finally thank you to Jason Dreaver for his efforts in scanning in the old construction photos and presenting them on the TV for all to see!

Scott Kittelty

Upcoming Events:

Sun 11th Dec.    4pm - 6pm              Parent Child Tennis Tournament

Tue 13th Dec.    10am - 2.30pm       Bayfield Tennis Open

Fri 16th Dec       3pm - 5pm              Spark Private Tennis Function

Sun 18th Dec     4pm - 6pm              Defenders & Aggressors

Mon 26th Dec    10am - 12pm          Boxing Day Blowout


Thursday Club Night

6.30pm start for Tennis and Squash.   Come on down - we will get you out on court and then enjoy a cold drink once you have finished.  Happy Hour will start at 6.30pm followed by a Barbeque.  


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