At this warmer time of year and over the holiday period doors are often left open around the club which is great to cool down all you fine athletes with some airflow, however it also means that random strangers can and often do wander into the club without requiring a swipe card to enter. Please keep an eye on any of your valuables and keys as items have gone missing in the past (including a car stolen from the carpark). And if you are the last to leave please try and ensure that both upstairs and downstairs doors and windows are all closed and locked up.



This quieter period also sees a number of visitors and locals using our courts, and some of these do just walk straight in the front door or simply jump over the back entrance gate. With less staff and committee members around over the break please don’t hesitate to politely ask anyone if they are a member, and if not that we have a ‘pay before you play’ policy of $10 per visitor. Remember you all pay your subs to help maintain our club, so it is only fair that visitors should contribute a little towards wear and tear and the hard work of others to keep the club looking as best we can. Don’t forget to offer them our $195 special – unlimited squash and tennis for 6 months.


The "Bar" will be closed from Christmas Eve and will re-open on Mon 4th Jan 2016.  If you have access to the bar - please assist those who would like a drink - Eftpos will only be available. Note Bar Roster will resume on Monday 11th.



If you haven’t yet seen it we have an article on page 132 of the Ponsonby News this month, and as there is no edition in January hopefully people will read about us right through the ASB tennis tournaments and the Aussie Open and encourage them to come and join up as members.


On behalf of the Club Manager and Committee thank you to everyone who has helped out over the course of this year, and it feels as though the club is in a positive place moving forward into 2016. Have a very merry Xmas and festive New Year season and we’ll see you back on court soon ready to burn off all that good cheer!

Merry Christmas

Scott, Committee & Jacqui

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