HBPRC Presidents Update - March 2015

Firstly I would like to thank the outgoing committee for their work this past year and welcome in the new committee whom have been elected by the club members at the AGM. I believe we have an excellent core committee to take the club forward, and whilst a membership subsidy proposal was made to these volunteers each has chosen to forego this subsidy and pay a full membership. The aim of this new committee is to be as transparent as possible and to keep members informed on what we are doing, and I am confident we can achieve some positive outcomes over the next 12 months which will be visible to all.


I would also like to thank Sophie for her hard work the past couple of years, and to formally welcome Jacqui Mustard as our new Club Manager. Jacqui has a vast amount of experience, is competent, organised and reliable and has the complete support of the committee in this role. Jacqui is also an ever present member at the club either in the office or on the tennis court, and please feel free to contact her should you have any queries.


The club has lost a couple of key long-term sponsors in the past year or so, and the new committee are in the process of reinstating some of these and investigating other options. Sponsorship is vital to our survival and much appreciated, please give these members your support where possible.


There are some facets of our building that also need addressing and Brendan Taylor is our new building Facilities Manager tasked with looking at these. He has conducted a visual inspection and noted some items that need addressing in the short term and some that can wait. These will be documented in our Exec meeting minutes and made available to all members so that everyone can see what progress is being made.


Finally we have some exciting tournaments coming up including our Junior and Senior Tennis club champs and a proposed men’s doubles tournament in April. On the squash courts we are hosting the NZ Racketball Championships, our Herne Bay Open squash tournament and later in the year the Auckland Squash Masters, and these will all be mentioned closer to their dates in our weekly newsletter that Jacqui sends out.


The club is poised to become a vibrant and bustling part of Herne Bay once again, and I look forward to working towards this throughout 2015.


Best regards,

Scott Kittelty

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