Dear members, please find below the profiles we have received for nominations for the Executive Committee. This is not a full list of nominees, just those who provided a profile; the full list will be announced and candidates voted for at the AGM tomorrow night. 

We would love to see all of you here at 6:30pm for the AGM and our Club Night will begin as soon as the AGM is complete. The kitchen will be open as usual. 

Please also note the promotional offer from sponsor Ponsonby Physio below!

Role: Club President

Nomination: Cliff Thorogood

Having been an active member of the club for about four years, I have enjoyed using all of the facilities our club has to offer, and appreciate the friends I have made along the way.

In my professional life I am currently Co-owner and Managing Director of a technology business that has been operating for nearly ten years. In this position I have fulfilled a broad leadership role, which would translate well into fulfilling the role of Club President.

I can offer a positive and objective point of view towards leading a team that forms the committee, and genuinely believe I share a common interest in working towards outcomes that are in the best interest of our club.

I have ideas to share as well as strong service delivery skills, just not always on the court! 

No matter what happens I would like to say I have been humbled by the support I have received, so thank you.

Role: Treasurer

Nominee: Angela Quirk

Academic Qualifications: Batchelor of Business Studies majoring in Economics and Finance 

Chartered Financial Analyst

I also have previous experience as treasurer for my Wellington hockey club for 2 years

Role: Squash VP

Nominee: Emma Winstanley

Hi, my names Emma and im standing for squash VP. I have been a member of Herne Bay rackets for 4 years now.I'm sure I have met most of you somewhere along the way whether down on the squash courts or up in the bar :) I have a great enthusiasm for the game and will do everything possible to make this year a good one for you squashies and to make sure everything runs smoothly for you all :)

Role: Tennis VP

Nominee: Shelley Stewart

Quals: Llb/BCom (Marketing/ Mgt)
Experience: Programme and Project Management, Comms & Marketing, HR, Business Improvement and Administration, Sponsorship & Events, and Strategy.

I've been a club member for approximately 13 years and care a lot about this club and the potential we have here, having previously served on the Exec, and as Tennis VP.

Some things I've helped achieve have been the Gala Day with Stacey Jones, James McOnie and Susan Devoy which featured in the Ponsonby News, the establishment of the Margaret Schot Memorial Tournament, as well as an increased number of interclub pennants,  and retention of key teams. 

If elected, some areas of focus:

- retention of key competitive interclub teams and opportunities for members new to interclub, to compete
- transitioning juniors to senior interclub
- successful running of the Schot tourney and a similar tourney for men, if there is interest and support
- establishing a tennis subcommittee to run more member events

An 'Audacious' goal is for HBPRC to be nominated at the Tennis Auckland awards for Best Event or Most Social Club.

I want to work collaboratively with the committee and members to foster a fun, vibrant and unified club atmosphere that we're proud of and makes the most of the wonderful facilities we have here.

I'm currently not working so have time to devote to the above and any other ideas or suggestions that members wish to raise. 

A reminder of the roles up for election are below. All nominations must be received in the nominations box by 5pm on Thursday.

  • Club President
  • Club Treasurer
  • Squash VP
  • Tennis VP
  • Facilities Manager
  • Fundraising/Grants co-ordinator
  • Social/Events Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator

Nomination forms and Proxy Voting forms are available at the bar or by request by reply email.

PonsPhysPromotional Offer

Hi Club members,

We at Ponsonby Physiotherapy have been club sponsors for many years and we have decided to show our support for the club with a special offer for the months of March and April 2015.

The competitive squash season is just about to start and the tennis club champs are nearly upon us. We see a lot of injuries at this time which could easily have been prevented with better preparation. This can include such things as muscles strains of the calves, quads, and hamstrings, as well as tennis elbow pain and rotator cuff problems.

Often the underlying cause of these types of injuries is an imbalance of your muscles and movement patterns. One muscle may be too short while another too long, or one that is weak and the other overactive and too dominant.

We can identify these imbalances and provide a specific set of exercises to correct them and therefor help to reduce your chance of injury keeping you from the game you love.

For the months of March and April, Ponsonby Physiotherapy is offering club members a muscle balance assessment for $50.00. This is normally valued at $124.00. We can also prescribe exercises to help start you off on correcting your imbalances that we have identified.

Simply call Ponsonby Physiotherapy on 3786890 and book in to see John.  Remember to ask for the Herne Bay Rackets club promotional offer.

Stay on court,

From the team at Ponsonby Physiotherapy 

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