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Come on down tonight for Thursday Club Night. We're loving that you're loving the burgers in Kendal's Kitchen and would love to see more people turning up for some court action... Bring a friend to try it out - you could even refer them through our January sign up special (see below)...

In today's news...

  1. Autumn Spring squash sign up
  2. Squash League sign up
  3. January Sign Up & Referral Special
  4. Address Checking
  5. Also... Bar volunteers needed and LIKE us on Facebook!

Have a fabulous and safe week/end.

Sophie, Club Manager

Autumn Squash

Is there even an OFF season for Squashies? Phew you guys will be stoked to realise it's time to get the barely-cooled-down shoes out of the wardrobe and get ready for the Autumn season of Squash.

If you're interested in playing Interclub (for those who aren't in the know, that's either Mondays or Tuesdays each week and the Autumn season is 5 weeks long), then sign up using the link below.

Entries to us by 9th Feb, 4pm. 

Masters: Hold on, yours is coming soon :-)

Squash League Sign Up

Many of you were involved in the Squash Leagues throughout last year and there's been a lot of interest from new members in signing up. If you're interested, read the details below and reply by email with your name, number and grade (or level if you don't have a grade) and I'll put you in. Please register by Monday for the February league. Late replies will be put into the March league.

The leagues are designed to give members an extra opportunity to have competitive games with other members but you won't win or lose any grading points (if you have them). This is for ALL levels of player - from 'I struggle to return a serve' through to 'no one can beat me'... 

Games are played best of 3 sets to 15 (or 11 by mutual agreement). Leagues are grouped into 3-4 people so the maximum number of games you will have is 3 per month - usually only 2. You'll get to know some new people and pick up some different styels of play.

Games are played at a time to suit you both.

The winner of each league based on matches or games won, moves up to the next league the following month, the loser goes down and the middle person/s stay where they are. So, hopefully each month you play different people.

You'll be grouped with people at the same level as you, so don't worry about not being challenged or over-challenged, you'll be just right!

CLOSES SATURDAY... our January Sign Up Special

Due to the roaring success of this special offer in 2014, we're running it again in 2015! 

All new, full, senior members (including Plus Ones) will receive 2 free one-on-one coaching sessions (tennis or squash) and go in the draw to win a $500 voucher thanks to our friends at Nike Britomart.

Already a member? Refer a friend or your Plus One (someone living at the same address as you) and you'll receive a $50 bar voucher and go in the draw to win the Nike Britomart voucher too.

This special is for January only and all coaching sessions must be booked in by the end of February.

For more info, or to refer a friend, contact me in the office on 

Address Checking

We've had a few issues with our Telecoms provider which means our membership reminders have had to be posted out over the last few months. This is a timely reminder to make sure your contact details are up to date, so that you receive them!

If you've changed phone or address since you signed up, please reply to this email with your new details and I'll update them. If you're not sure, just do it anyway and I'll check you're up to date.



Bar Volunteers needed

We now need 2 more volunteers on the bar. The commitment is only one night per month and if you pair up with someone it's only every second month!

This is a great way to 'do your part' for the Club like so many others have before you. If we don't have volunteers the bar is un-manned and this can be a problem when we have visiting teams and events on at the Club, not to mention thirsty members who need a drink!

No experience necessary and all training is provided - plus you get $50 off your membership each year and a few free drinks while you're there! Contact Sophie in the office if interested. 

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