Club Night Tonight

I know, can you believe another week has rolled around and I need to think of something new and exciting to say about Club Night... but really, that's all I need to say! YAY CLUB NIGHT! 

Tonight is a little bit special though, not because the sun is shining, not because it is SO much lighter in the evenings, but because our Tennis Interclub teams have all been invited to come down and share a little season-opening get-together. SO, there will be plenty of people here, lots of new people to meet, lots of drinks being had, lots of people on court and what's not to love about all that?!

PLUS I'm feeling all summery so I'll shoot down and get some sausages for the barbie too. 

OK keep it short Sophie, 6:30 for Tennis, 7pm for Squash, Happy Hour 6:30-8 (yes you read that right, a special LONG happy hour in honour of our Tennis Interclub folk). 

Be here or be square. 

Squash Club Champs

In case you missed the last 2 emails, the battle to find the Club's top graded players will be fought on court from October 2-4.

Player gradings will be taken from the 28 September grading list, entries will be to the draw (B, C grade etc.) that the player is on this date. All YOU need to do, is sign up! 

All registrations are through iSquash and cost $10. If you are not on the grading list or don't have an iSquash login, please contact Sophie in the office for assistance.

Open to all full members of HBPRC.

Finals to be played Saturday afternoon followed by prizegiving (yes, there will be prizes!). My apologies but in the last notice I said they would be cash prizes but I had my 'not listening properly' hat on and actually it will be bar voucher prizes. Just as good though!

Players must be available to play Thursday through to Saturday.

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