Hi all,

Some announcements in today's news; most importantly we are launching the new Squash Online Booking System on Monday so read below for details on that.

I'm also going to be running a Squash League from June - some members may remember I did this a few years ago and it was quite successful. SO, join in and let's make it work!

Don't forget Club Night tonight, with Allie's lovely meals - discounted for pre-bookings (see below) and bring the kids and teens down for squash Club Night tomorrow! 

So today's news is:

1. Online Squash Court Bookings

2. Squash League starting June

3. Club Night tonight!

4. Don't forget Junior squash Club Night starts tomorrow.

See you on court soon!

Sophie, Club Manager

Squash Online Court Booking System

Due to the successful implementation of the Tennis booking system, we are now going to introduce squash court bookings for Courts 1 and 4. Courts 2 and 3 will remain 'first in, first served' and bookings are written up on the whiteboard when you arrive as per normal.

This booking system comes with some rules, which are clearly explained on the website, but notably includes the following: "If both players are not ready to take the court immediately at the time their booking begins, they forfeit the booking and other members can take the court." There is no grace time for squash bookings as they are only 45 minutes long and even a few minutes can affect the quality of play. So, be on time!

From Monday 12th May you may start booking courts 1 & 4 online - full members have their own username and password which was emailled out several months ago when the Tennis system was put in place (new members will have received this on joining). If you have deleted, lost or can't be bothered looking for this email, please use the 'forgotten password' option - your username is your first initial followed by your surname, eg 'asmith'. You can change your details and password once you've logged in. Any issues email me by reply and I'll help.

All other members can book by sending me an email - I check email regularly throughout the day and on weekends. We are working towards all members having access in due course. 

We hope you will find the system useful and, as always, feel free to drop me a line with your comments and suggestions.

Squash League

Starting June we'll be running a Squash League - all members are welcome!

You may remember me running this a few years ago, but essentially you register for the League and each month you will be assigned a group of 3 people. Each month you play the other 2 people in your league and record the scores (best of 3 games to 15). The person with the most points at the end of the month goes up to the next level and the person with the fewest points goes down a level. 

Entries for June close Friday, 23rd May, and the June League will be announced on Friday 29th May. You will be given the contact numbers for those in your league and you contact them to make a time that works for you. You can pull out at the end of any given month if it's not for you, so don't worry about being tied in. Also, you play at a time to suit so it doesn't matter if you have work/play plans, just work around them! And it's ONLY 2 times a month!

No grading points are lost or won, this is purely for fun, training and a little competition. So, you don't even need to have a grade to play and you'll only be put in a league with other people at your level, so no need to worry that you're not good enough (or too good!).

It's a great way to get some structured training in, or to pick up a few games each month perhaps with others you may not have played. It also means that non-Interclub players can have a chance to hit with different people and new members have a chance to meet others at their level. It's also good for people who haven't been coming in lately and need a motivating phone call from a fellow member to get BACK ON COURT!!!

Please register by reply email by 23rd May. If you have grading points let me know, if not just an indication of how good or bad you are.

Club Night tonight!

Looks like the weather will hold for the tennis crown and the courts are looking great downstairs, so liberate your rackets and get out on court! Club night starts at 6:30 for tennis and 7 for squash, with happy hour at the bar from 7-8pm.

Don't forget Allie's in the kitchen this week with a great looking menu: 

- Spicy Chicken Salad $15 (my personal fave!)

- Prawn Salad $15

- Fish and Chips $15

- Beef Burger $12

See you there!

Junior Squash Club Night

Don't forget junior Squash Night is tomorrow night! 

The little ones (up to around 10/11 yo) start at 4pm and the over 11s start at 5pm. Club squash pro Chris Lloyd will take the sessions and will discuss with parents any coaching or interclub needs and help point you in the right direction for the season ahead. 

This is perfect winter training for small people so turn up on Friday and let Chris turn them into stars! Contact Chris on 027 286 6028 for more detail or just turn up!

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