Hi all, please note details of a Special General Meeting that is to be held on April 10th. This will deal with the outstanding issue that was not resolved at the Annual General Meeting. Don't worry, there will be a night of Poker following to make up for it - the Cousins Shield boys are fundraising for their tournament later in the year. 

Also just a little housekeeping around monthly direct debits and office hours before Easter.

Much more exciting though is our annual Herne Bay Open for squashies! That's on April 25-27... what a great way to spend Anzac weekend! More details to come, but keep it free. 


Sophie, Club Manager

Special General Meeting

An SGM will be held on Thursday, 10th April @ 6:30pm. 

One of the items presented at the Annual General Meeting in February was not able to be voted on due to the wording of the proposal. A Special General Meeting will now be called in order to vote on the new wording shown below. 

"It is hereby moved that item 22.1 of the club constitution be amended to read:-

  • At the end of each financial year the Executive Committee shall decide by way of a simple majority whether or not to have the annual financial statements of the Club audited and the audit shall be carried out by the auditors voted in at the annual AGM should the Executive Committee so vote.
  • Should the Executive Committee vote NOT to have the club accounts audited there will be a review of the club accounts 6 monthly to be carried out by no less than two Accountants who may be members of the club."

We are also seeking nominations for Treasurer as the person elected is no longer available. If you or anyone you know is interested, please let me know by reply email. 

April Direct Debits

Please note that as the 20th falls in Easter this month, the Direct Debits for all monthly paying members will be run on Thursday 17th. 

Office Hours until Easter

Please note that due to my Nanny deciding to take a relaxing break in Thailand(!), and my 1 year old being totally unable to sit still while I work, I'll be on reduced hours at the office for the next two weeks. The office will be closed this Thursday and Friday and there may be some days up until Easter that I am not here as long as normal. If you need to come in just drop me a line first. 

I'm still around though, and things will be getting done, beer will be ordered etc, just behind the scenes... All emails will be checked regularly so if you need anything, just email me on Voicemail in the office will be checked daily but email is much more effective!

Thanks for your understanding... :-)

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