Hi there, please read below if you are interested in playing tennis over winter. Thanks!
Sophie, Club Manager

Entries for Winter Tennis Interclub are now OPEN!

Cool your scorched summer feet on the cool courts of winter tennis. Things are a bit different over the winter months, so read the detail below and if you're interested just send your details to me on For existing teams that wish to carry on from Summer Interclub, please let me know all members of the team.

Comp 1: Singles and Doubles, men's or women's, 4 per team

Comp 2: Doubles Only, men's or women's, 4 per team

Comp 3: Doubles & Mixed Doubles, mixed teams, 4 of each per team (total of 8)

All Winter matches are played on every second Sunday mornings. 

Play commences on 11th or 18th May (depending on which competition you're playing in).

Midweek Ladies - Indoor

Ladies' Winter Indoor Doubles and Singles competitions have been announced.

Doubles: Competition starts 6th May. Two rounds per day; 9-12 and 12-2:30pm. Play consists of two doubles combo matches, each of which are first to 8 games with a tiebreaker at 7-7 and sudden death deuce... so nice and short and snappy!! Day of the week depends on Grading of the team. $440 per team of up to 8 players ($55 each). Venues either ASB Tennis Arena, Scarbro Tennis Centre or Manukau Tennis Centre.

Singles: Competition starts 21st April, played on Thursdays. Three rounds per day; 9-10:30, 10:30-11:30 and 11:30-12:30pm. Play consists of one-hour matches over 7 weeks and there are 3 competitions throughout Winter. After one hour you complete the game you are playing and record your score. Normal deuce scoring. Day of the week depends on your grade. $100 per person per competion. Venue Scarbro. 

Entries Close 21st April.

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