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  • We are hosting Coffee Supremes Aeropress competition
  • We're pleased to announce the first successful grant application for ....
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  • New and returning members


We are hosting Coffee Supremes Aeropress competition in our club lounge over the weekend. Please be courteous and avoid the club lounge if possible.


The club had a Spot Visit last week from the Police (The District Alcohol Harm & Prevention Unit)
They were very impressed with the club, the set up and our adherence to the "regulations of the Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act 2012".
However, A REMINDER though. If you are in the Bar with a Non- Member, Please can you ensure they are signed in ! -(the visitor book is on the Bar).

Also - we are only 8 volunteers short to get us covered for a calendar month. If you are keen to assist in having access to the Bar and spending 1 evening, or afternoon in the weekends helping, then please contact Rob on 0274456007 or at The days that need covering are; the 8th,9th,16th,18th, 19th, 24th, 25th, maybe 26th?, and 27th of each month. Training will be provided.

Member introductions

A big welcome to our new members! A record month for the club!

New members

  • Samantha Qiao (gym)
  • Cameron Watkins (squash)
  • Wietske Olthuis (squash)
  • Courtney Ormiston (tennis & squash)
  • Helen Raunio (courts & gym)
  • Vanh Anothai (squash)
  • Salvador Croon (junior squash)
  • Leeane Gregory (gym)
  • Susan Davis (gym)
  • Elizabeth Kjellberg (squash)
  • Matthew Bailey (squash)
  • Sam Reid (tennis)
  • Harley Klinac (squash)
  • Ryder Klinac (squash)
  • Thomas Moeke (squash)
  • Gavin Van den Berg (squash)
  • John Butcher (gym)
  • Eibhlin Corrigan (tennis) Love tennis
  • Canestri Family (courts)
  • Alistair Wall (gym)
  • Beverley Wall (gym)
  • Grant Swanepoel (squash)
  • Andrew Smith (squash)
  • Max Hanna (junior - squash)
  • Mike Sanderson (tennis)
  • Ethan van Drongelen (junior tennis)
  • Jack van Drongelen (junior tennis)
  • Roni Chapman (gym)
  • William Reid (tennis)

Returning members, thank you for your continued support.

  • Oliver Duff (Junior U18)
  • Kristan Mines (tennis)
  • Vibeke Fletcher
  • Roman Fletcher
  • Ranen Ravoori
  • James MacKinnon (tennis)
  • Dave Gregory
  • John Hetet (tennis)
  • Lucy Harris (tennis)

Pilates on the Court

You can now book your Pilates sessions online! 
Book either classes or private one-on-one sessions!

Pilates classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9.30am and Saturdays at 10am.

Need to speak with Pia? Call her on 029 6277 437

5 classes for $50 - Introductory Offer.  

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”  Joseph Pilates

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