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Rob Dick

Rob Dick is one of those people you like a lot without actually knowing. You can catch him behind the bar on the twelfth of the month or more frequently on one of the tennis courts. I caught up with him recently after my weekly battle with Kevin Williams.

Rob was somewhat taken back when I phoned and asked if I could interview him for this series, wondering why anyone would be interested in him. But he’s a great asset to our club and someone worth getting to know. I arrived not to find him serving drinks as expected but in front of a laptop. He pressed a finger to his lips for me not to say anything. It turned out he was in the middle of a videoconference with Sydney who are a couple of hours behind us. Rob is involved in something called service delivery, a job title that didn’t mean much to me before I asked him to explain what it entailed and didn’t mean much after either. Apparently it has to do with IT and is a role he’d morphed into during or after 24 years at Telecom, as Spark used to be known, who he joined as a temp after returning to New Zealand after 8½ year OE in England and needed a job.

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Tennis this week:

Thursday club night & Sunday club day 

No excuses not to join us for some social and friendly match play on Thursday night from 6.30pm and/or Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4pm. The weather forecast is looking fabulous. New members are welcome.

Junior club night

Join David & Briar from 4.30pm to 6pm for some fun activities, this is a great way to warm up for junior interclub.

Squash this week:

Senior club night

Senior club night starts at 6.30pm. Come along and meet fellow club members.  We rotate games every 10-15 minutes 

Junior club night 

Join Jarod and his team from 4pm to 6pm for coaching, fun games and just a little bit of competition. 

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