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Squash this week:

Don’t miss World No.10 Paul Coll in action tomorrow night at Herne Bay


7pm Local Challenge - Best of 3

Paul Coll vs reigning Club Champ and new SquashVP - George Crosby

(C'mon George!!!) 


7.30pm Main Event - Best of 5

Paul ‘Superman’ Coll (World No.10) vs Lance Beddoes (ex World 89)


PLUS - Q&A Session

PLUS - Fundraising Auction

PLUS - Autograph signing for the kids (and adults too) 

PLUS - One one-on-one coaching session with Lance available at 5pm - $80 


Limited Tickets Available

VIP (front row seats + 4 cold beers) - $60

Seated - $25

Standing - $15 

Secure your seat by emailing -

Squash VP update

After 7 years at the Club and the last 3 and a half years as squash VP, we are sad to be losing Emma who is leaving the Club.  Emma has put in a huge amount of effort in her time as squash VP and will be greatly missed.  Before she goes Emma is going to help us with one more tournament - the Club Champs in the first week of July. 

The Committee is very pleased to welcome George Crosby onto the Committee as the new Squash VP.  George is well known around the Club and has been a huge part of our Cousins Shield team over the last nine years and has been the Men's Squash Club Champion on a number of occasions.  

Squash Club Champs 2018, 5th - 7th July 2018

It's that time of year again ... prepare to leave your friendships at the glass-backed door and battle your club mates to the ultimate prize: HBPRC Squash Champion 2018! Draws will be done by grade and grading list points will be counted. Entry fee $10. 

Enter now at or email hbprcsquash@gmail.comEntries close Friday, 29th June.

Squash Superchamps 2018

If you are interested in playing in a Superchamps team this year can you please email or put name on noticeboard at the club. The tournament will be held the week of 6th - 12th August 2018.

Please note you must have played three matches which have results showing in iSquash between 1 Jan and 15 June 2018 to be eligible to play in Superchamps

 The cutoff dates are as per below

Member transfer cut off - June 7th
Grading list cut off - June 15th
Team entries close - July 5th

If you want more info please go to  Thanks Emma Squash VP  

Friday junior club night

Junior club night will run on Friday from 4-6pm.  Jarrod and his team will get everyone on the court.

Tennis this week:

L’Authentique HBPRC French Open results

What a truely French Affair, tr"es beau tennis, temps magnifique et de'licieuse cuisine francaise. (Many thanks Adeline for translation). Congratulations to our winners: Jude & Matt. Best dressed: James M - Asterix & Kate C - French Maid. 

Our next event, Wimbledon, is proposed for Saturday 7th July (tbc) Time: 1-4pm Entry Fee: $10 (includes food & prizes) R.S.V.P to  

Friday junior club night 

Club night continues with match play between 4.30pm and 6pm. Please text David on 021476606 if you are wanting to register.  Suitable for junior members who can rally, serve and score.  

Senior club day 

Join us for some social and friendly match play on Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4pm. New members are welcome.

Herne Bay Ponsonby fighting 2nd at Cousins Shield. 

After a tough loss in the final to Tauranga’s Devoy last year, the Herne Bay Cousins Shield Team headed to Hamilton for the 2018 tournament, where 20 men’s teams were competing for New Zealand’s Club Championship. 

At times the tournament has been a one or two horse race, but in Hamilton, the top six seeds had a realistic chance of winning. Herne Bay was seeded 3rd

Friday evening first round was a comfortable 4-1 win over the Remuera B team. Then a huge battle kicked off with 6th seed Remuera A on a brisk Saturday morning. After Ed Dromgool lost the first match, Chris Lloyd evened things up with a crucial 5-set win over Michael Sunderland. 

Syafiq, our Malaysian import struggled against Remuera’s Australian, which meant we had no choice but to win the final two matches. Step up Matiu TK McQueen - too solid winning 3-1. Then it was up George Crosby in the decider. Under pressure George played vintage squash to beat Alex Grayson 3-1. Gutsy win from our boys and into the semis against a young up-and-coming 2nd seed Belmont Park team. 

In all honesty, not too many people gave us a chance. In fact, pre-tournament we’d been seeded 4th by SquashNZ, which we protested. 

Onto the semis and Belmont Park. Ed played well in another close loss, so again it was up to Chris to pull it back. Which he did in another epic 5 set win against a much younger opponent. Syafiq showed fight with a solid win. Up 2 matches to 1, Matiu put the boys into the final with another victory.

Into the Cousins Shield final again. Up against No. 1 seed Devoy - same team, same players, same match-ups. 

Sunday afternoon - here we go. Ed played some exceptional squash in the first rubber, but couldn’t quite get past Josh Oakley, losing a tight 5 setter. Matiu gave it everything in the second match, but again, couldn’t get past an in-form Alex Oakley, losing 3-1. Then Syafiq lost 3-0 to Devoy’s higher ranked Australian import. All over. 

Obviously a disappointing final loss, but the boys showed their typical Herne Bay Ponsonby guts and determination throughout the tournament and proved plenty of doubters wrong. 

Over the last 11 years, our club has easily been the best in the country – in 11 years we’ve made 8 finals, winning 3 times. Outside those years we finished 3rd, 5th and 6th. A proud record from a proud Cousins Shield Club. 

On behalf of the team we’d like to thank the club and committee for their ongoing support, Shayne Hubert and Arie Dekker for their team sponsorship and all the club members who came to Hamilton and sent us their well wishes. 


Syafiq Kamal, George Crosby, Chris Lloyd, Ed Dromgool, Matiu TK McQueen, Bryce Redman & Matt Taylor (Player / Manager).


New Gym! Now What? 

By now you will have noticed the many changes in the gym. The rubber flooring and the artificial turf are likely the most obvious additions. Equally as obvious is the removal of some pieces of bulky equipment. And if you’ve rarely stepped into the gym over the last few years, the place may look as confusing or intimidating as ever.  That’s okay, because hopefully that will change very soon. 

While it was inevitable that some machines - and thus exercises - would have to be removed during this process, we’re confident we now have the framework for a gym space that can grow with the membership base now and well into the future. For those interested, here are the highlights of the changes so far:

  • Flooring – Arguably the most important part of a gym is rubber flooring. The icing on the cake is the bright green artificial turf, which provides a functional space for a variety of exercises and movements.
  • Squat Rig – I’m most excited about the addition of the squat rig because of everything it does for the space, namely in terms of optimising invaluable workout space. The rig creates two stations that can be used for squats, bench press, or deadlifts. The additional components of the rig can also be used to attach gymnastics rings, suspension trainers, or exercise bands, pull up stations. Lastly, the rig comes equipment with bumper plates and barbell holders so everything stacks away neat and tidy when not in use.
  • Cardio Equipment – We’ve added new top-quality and more comfortable cardio equipment, including a row machine, treadmill, and air bike.
  • Shelving – There’s some new shelving around the corner against the back of the gym that is now home to loads of new functional equipment, including as kettlebells (from 4kg to 32kg), slide boards, plenty of medicine balls, foam rollers, and much, much more.  Now, everything in the gym has its own place, so the gym should stay clean and tidy, pending – of course – the continued efforts of gym members. So far I’ve noticed the gym staying very clean, so thanks to everyone for contributing and putting things back to where they belong after using them. Keep it up!

Ultimately, the goal is work towards creating a gym setting that maximises the limited space that we have downstairs. The changes add exponentially more - in terms of exercise space, exercise selection, and exercise style - than they take away. That said, the upgrades to the facility have been made with careful consideration for the machines that were removed. Most - if not all - exercises and movements can be replicated to a nearly identical degree. 

Hopefully this makes the transition period seamless and easy for our member base. Regardless of how you perceive the gym’s facelift, it will likely take some time for everyone to adjust to the changes, especially in terms of learning how to appropriately, safely, and effectively utilise the new equipment and accessories. 

Okay, so now what? 

So now that we have an upgraded gym facility, where to from here? That’s the million-dollar question, and one that only YOU can answer. 

Exercising isn’t just about addressing your body’s weak links in order to perform better in a sport. The time you spend in the gym should make the rest of your life easier. But it’s up to you to first understand the demands of your everyday life, and then to utilise the gym space in a way that supports – and doesn’t hinder – your lifestyle. 

I’ve always viewed the time you spend in the gym as a complement – or support – to the rest of your lifestyle. Sure, you can do exercises that increase the speed of your tennis serve or improve your hip mobility so you can cover a greater portion of the court. But you might instead invest your time in the gym to make your everyday life easier, so that gardening, playing with your kids, or simply getting out of bed aren’t challenging. Or you can take a proactive and preventative approach to your gym time by learning how to take care of your body so that you can move and live pain-free. 

You may not be a personal trainer, physical therapist, or even a professional athlete, but I’d bet that if you asked yourself what your body needs right now to move better and thrive, you’d be able to name at least a couple of things. If you can’t do a push up with your own body weight, strength training might be the perfect place to start because a solid base of strength is one of the most important factors for creating longevity and independence as we age. But if you can’t comfortable reach down and touch your toes, then foam rolling, stretching, and mobility exercises are likely far more important than a bench press, both for life and sports performance.  

We’ve worked hard to create a gym space that is open, flexible, and adaptable to the individual. That means you get to use the gym space for what you – and your body – need it for; and as you progress and your body changes, so too will the primary focus of your training. The best part is that the gym will now have the functional capacity to address your changing and evolving needs.

I truly believe that fitness and exercise is a personal journey that requires that you pay careful attention to your body. But I also know that a second opinion and a second set of eyes can be very helpful for achieving clarity regarding your goals, as well as a strategy to get you there. If you’re interested in a goal setting and assessment session in the new space, don’t hesitate to reach out. Until then, enjoy the gym space we’ve created for you.



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