Tennis Club Champs 2018 draws

Finals Day now on rain date Sunday, 22 April


Click the links below to access the draws for the Tennis Club Champs 2018:

Men's Open Singles, Men's B Singles, Men's Doubles

Women's Combined Singles, Women's Open Doubles, Women's B Doubles

Mixed Open, Mixed B

Boys' 10 Singles, Boys' 14 Singles (incorporating Boys' 12), Boys' 16 Singles

Girls' Singles, Girls' Doubles

Entrants in the senior comps will have received contact details for opponents and are responsible for organising round matches prior to the completion dates on the draws. Contact Jacqui at the office on 376 0681 if you need help getting in touch with an opponent or to prioritize a court booking (space has been allocated for club champs games Wednesday,Thursday, Friday nights and Sundays). 

Juniors will receive a schedule for matches from David.

Senior round matches are best of three sets with a third set supertiebreaker if match is drawn at one-set all. 

Junior matches are first to nine games with standard tiebreak at eight games all.

Please contact Simon with results at

Herne Bay Heroes: Cutting it with Mustard

I hadn’t been a member of the club long when I asked Dave Mustard whether he ever got sick of coaching. It’s the sort of provocative question we hacks like to pose as it often gets the sort of interesting answer that elevates a run of the mill piece into something special. But I didn’t have a journalistic assignment, nor a microphone in my hand, but was making small talk. Dave looked at me as if I was a cretin and responded rhetorically: “So how do you earn your living?” and stormed off.

Play day and night

There's nothing quite like a game of tennis down at HBPRC on a hot, sunny day. So dig out that old toweling headband and jump on one of our 4 AstroTurf courts. When you're done, you can sit back and enjoy a nice cool drink on the deck.

How do I get started?

The first thing to do is show up at club night (Thursdays from 6:30pm) Our tennis coaching professional will get you out on court for a game of singles or doubles with someone of similar ability. Afterwards join us for a refreshing beverage on the deck.

When's the best time to play?

The short answer is weekdays when most people are at work. But if you're stuck in the same boat don't fret - the floodlights kick in at dusk and stay on till 10 every night (except Sunday).

Before coming over, you might want to check the court bookingn system to make sure there's a court free. Better still make a booking.

Can I bring a mate who's not a member?

Sure, as long as you play them outside peak hours (4pm - 8pm) and remember to pay the visitor's fee . After 3 visits you should probably start dropping a few hints about becoming a member too.

Visitor's fees

Fill in one of the visitor's fee envelopes outside the club office, stick in $20 per person (max $40 per court) for every hour played, then leave it with the barman or slip it under the door of the club office.

I've just come back from 3 years in the Himalayas. 
Who am I going to play?

Fear not, we've got plenty of ways to get amongst it no matter how good or bad you are:

  • DaveThere's club night every Thursday from 6pm
  • Club day on Sundays from 1pm
  • Interclub - a home and away format for more competitive souls, and
  • Social Tournament and Events.

Senior Coaching Programme includes:

  • Workout Sessions
  • Ladies Coaching & Tournaments
  • Private & Group Lessons
  • Fun Tournaments  
  • Teams Doubles Competition

David Mustard our Head Professional runs a full programme.

Is professional coaching really worth it?

Hell yes! Even if you're not gunning for Wimbledon, a few lessons can help eliminate those constant unforced errors that drive most of us round the bend.

Our resident tennis professional, 80's Davis Cup sensation David Mustard, certainly knows his stuff. What's more, he's a funny guy so you'll still be smiling when the training gets tough. David can be contacted on 021 476 606 or send him an email or visit his website.

Ladies Workout Sessions

Wednesday Mornings from 9.00am to 10.00 am
Come along and learn how to play Tennis.
Spaces are filling fast.
Call David directly on 021 476 606.

Adult coaching fees:

with David Mustard:                           

Session Member Non Member
1 x 1/2 hr $40 $45
1 x 3/4 hr $60 $65
1 x 1 hr $75 $80
8 x 1 hr $550 $590

with Assistant coach:                           

Session Member Non Member
1 x 1/2 hr $35 $40
1 x 3/4 hr $50 $55
1 x 1 hr $65 $70
8 x 1 hr $480 $520

Junior coaching fees:

with David Mustard:     

Session Member Non Member
1 x 1/2 hr $40 n/a
1 x 3/4 hr $60 n/a
1 x 1 hr $70 n/a
8 x 1 hr $520 n/a

 with Assistant coach:                     

Session Member Non Member
1 x 1/2 hr $35 n/a
1 x 3/4 hr $55 n/a
1 x 1 hr $65 n/a
8 x 1 hr $480 n/a



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