Spring Open Interclub 2017

Entries close 22 September 2017

Round is 16/10/17 to 04/12/17

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Squash Court Availability

All court bookings are now displayed in our Online Squash Court Booking system. Please click on the link on the right hand side of this page to go to the bookings site.

Get the best workout on the planet

Audience 02It's official: squash leaves tennis, cycling, running and rowing for dead when it comes to burning calories. And you never have to worry about the weather. To top it off, we have some of the best squash courts in all of Auckland.

How do I get started?

The first thing to do is show up at club night (Thursdays from 6:30pm) for a grading from our professional squash coach. He'll match you with someone of similar ability to give you a decent hit.

What's the story about interclub?

Once you've got a grading you're ready to play interclub, the home and away team's event played one night a week. Home teams always put on the after-match spread, so although it's competitive, interclub's fairly social too.

Can I bring a mate who's not a member?

Sure, as long as you play them outside peak hours (4pm - 8pm) and remember to pay the visitor's fee . After 3 visits you should probably start dropping a few hints about becoming a member too.

Visitor's fees

Fill in one of the visitor's fee envelopes outside the club office, stick in $10 for every hour played, then leave it with the barman or slip it under the door of the club office.

When's the best time to play?

You should be able to find a spare court most of the time. But the courts do get booked for tournaments, interclub and juniors. So check the notice board at the club as well as the calendar of events . Better still make a booking.

P.S. Here's the go with the lights

The squash lights are operated on a panel to the right of the Pro Shop. You'll need two members' swipe cards to turn them on during peak hours (4pm - 8pm). Off-peak, you only need one member's swipe card plus the swipe card on the chain to the left.

Is professional coaching really worth it?


As with most sports, squash can be damn frustrating if you're constantly making unforced errors. Grab a few tips on technique and ring craft from our resident professional, Mike Weston (0211811760), and chances are you'll enjoy your squash a whole lot more.

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