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Club Management Changes

Jacqui Mustard gave notice on Friday that she was resigning from the Club Manager role she has been performing for the last three years effective immediately. We are appreciative of all the work Jacqui has done for the Club over that period and we wish her well. We are arranging some temporary part time support to help run the Club and will provide an update when we have more details.

As outlined at the AGM this year the Club continues to just get by financially. We are not generating enough cash to maintain the facility properly and that is ultimately unsustainable. The Committee is looking for ways to reinvigorate the Club. Recognising the importance to the Club of its paid support function, the Committee had decided to restructure the Club Manager role to better meet our requirements.

We have created two clearly defined roles - a Club Administrator (to administer the database, accounts, bar etc) and a Club Manager Business Development and Programmes (responsible for growing participation, managing programmes and club professionals and managing new initiatives). While these part-time roles are separate it is possible they may both be filled by one person initially. We want the roles to grow and the separation acknowledges the different skill sets of an administrator vs. business development.

Making changes is not without risk and we recognise that, but neither is continuing with the status quo. These roles will be advertised and more details will be available to members soon. We will establish a subcommittee to meet with candidates and will get some external input into the process to ensure it is robust.

Times have changed in sport, leisure and recreation with more and more people seeking flexible participation options. The Committee is moving to put the systems and people in place to meet the market and reposition the Club from surviving to thriving.

Tennis this week:

Court repairs

We are scheduling repairs over the next fortnight pending availability of matching turf pieces for courts one & four.  The tennis net will also be replaced on court four. Apologises for any inconvenience.

Thursday club night & Sunday club day 

No excuses not to join us for some social and friendly match play on Thursday night from 6.30pm and/or Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4pm. The weather forecast is looking fabulous. New members are welcome.

Junior club night

Join David & Briar from 4.30pm to 6pm for some fun activities, this is a great way to warm up for junior interclub.

Squash this week:

Senior club night

Senior club night starts at 6.30pm. Come along and meet fellow club members.  We rotate games every 10-15 minutes 

Junior club night 

Join Jarrod and his team from 4pm to 6pm for coaching, fun games and just a little bit of competition. 

Gym Update

Group Exercise Classes 

Yoga* – Tuesday, 9:30am – 10:30am  

The common misconception is that yoga is a lighter form of exercise, more suited for women than men. However, evidence suggests that a mind-body practice like yoga can be very effective in building strength and muscle, making it a valuable part of any fitness routine. Aside from an effective workout, you'll leave this class with a more flexible body and calmer mind.  

*Please bring your own mat.

HIIT Bootcamp – Wednesday, 6:15pm – 7:00pm

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. This 45-minute class is a full-body metabolic conditioning class that will have you crawling, jumping, stretching, pushing, and lunging into higher levels of fitness. The exercises and programming will be specifically catered to support racket sports, so expect to feel stronger and fitter in your game as you continue to attend classes.

COST: Each class is $15 for Gym Members and $20 for Non-Members. 

Both classes take place in the Squash Courts. To register email Luke Sniewski

Pilates on the Court

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”  Joseph Pilates

5 classes for $50 - Introductory Offer.  

Spring is the perfect time to work on your body with Pilates.  

Book a class with Pia on 029 6277 437 or on

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